Swift Playgrounds is not just for kids

Last week, Apple unveiled at its developer conference, Swift Playgrounds. It is an application that, through visual examples, try to teach programming principles Swift. This is the language with which applications are developed iOS, Apple’s operating system for mobile devices.

The application can be installed on iOS version 10, available from September for all coinciding with the likely launch of the iPhone 7. However, the beta for developers of IOS 10 in iPad, comes installed as standard.

Apple moved the audience and the press on Monday that it was a product for teaching children to coding. At first, it is a good idea, although I’ve tried it and loved it. Through lessons go step by step learning how it works Swift in an entertaining way.

The first lessons are very basic. Only a challenge, take a character from one point to another. You write the program and run it. If you solve it, you pass it to the next lesson. In addition, the application has a tent to download new material.

If you get a chance, check it out. In my view, this is a fun initiative and an effective way to attract developers to the platform. Who knows, tomorrow could end up programming in Swift.



Product Manager @BBVA

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